SXSW Interactive - Session Preview

Appcentric Software will be an exhibitor at SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX March 11-15th, and, in advance of that, we've been tracking some of the more interesting sessions planned for the event.

Among the more intriguing listing is a session titled "GET THE MESSAGE! THE RISE OF CONVERSATIONAL UI" . The session explores the recent rush of new product/services that rely on person-to-person or machine-to-person interaction not through an app, but via text and voice. It considers how App designers are now forced to reconsider fundamental, desktop-induced assumptions about interaction models on mobile, which is already having a profound impact on developers, app stores, consumers, service providers, and retailers. Key questions explored will be:

  • How much can we expect machines to supplement human interaction?
  • Are we sure that we want to interact with machines the same way we do with humans?
  • When is it appropriate to replace a bot with a human, and vice versa?

Our development team is dedicated to being involved in the evolving dialogue around how to best match technology with consumer/business needs, and SXSW Interactive provides a wonderful forum to stay current with the key trends/brands/concepts emerging in 2016 and beyond.

If you plan to attend, come by, say hi, and let us help you Get Your App On!!